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The fictional crashed Las Tortugas  B-29 on the ICE in Antarctica was inspired by real events

surrounding the attempted salvage of the World War II B-29, the Kee Bird. 

Many of the scenes in ICE, as crazy as they sounded, including using propane to

inflate and fly an aircraft tire were actually done while trying to rescue this

amazing piece of WW2 History. 

​Kevin T

​Read the true story about the Kee Bird Here!

"The Kee Bird was a United States Army Air Forces B-29-95-BW Superfortress, 45-21768, of the 46th Reconnaissance Squadron, that became marooned after making an emergency landing in northwest Greenland during a secret Cold War spying mission on 21 February 1947. While the entire crew was safely evacuated after spending three days in the isolated Arctic tundra, the aircraft itself was left at the landing site. It lay there undisturbed until 1994, when a privately funded mission was launched to repair and return it. The attempted recovery resulted in the destruction and loss of the airframe by fire on the ground."